School is Hard

I like to think most lives are spent in a pitiable struggle between admitting your own inadequacy and trying to prove to yourself and anyone watching that your inadequacy doesn’t actually exist, and also sometimes something good happens. With that in mind, I started grad school and training to teach on Monday, and I realized something: everyone is way fucking smarter than I am. It’s humbling to be surrounded by people who are clearly more capable than you. It’s depressing to be in that room for 6 hours a day for a week straight. Then, once it becomes apparent that you’re going to be around those people for the next few years, depression and humility have a baby, raise it, the baby rebels, listens to The Cure, and becomes some kind of enraged shame-goblin. I am become shame-goblin.

I look about like this, but I’m not as tan or charismatic.

This is all an explanation for why I’ll be blogging about 1/5th as much as I want to. I need to cover up how obviously inadequate I am by being relentlessly excellent so the people around me will believe a total lie. New post coming tomorrow. It’ll be about something funny. Maybe.


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