I’m Taking a Day Off

I didn’t even go to the effort of finding a new picture for this post so super Panda has returned for one time only

Like the title says, I’m taking today off. It’s my birthday tomorrow, and I’m using that as justification to do as little as humanly possible which is what all people should do. I’ve heard of people going mountain climbing or interacting with “friends” on their special days, and I can’t help but feel as though they’re doing it wrong. I’m going to celebrate right by shutting out most of the world and paying attention to only a few people who have been thoroughly vetted.

I bet I can get away with staying in bed and sending my cat to bring me food and human sacrifices to sustain me through the weekend. I’ll need to attach some kind of tray to her back. If I do not return, assume I died doing strange crafts with my kitty cat because my dream is to be able to send her from my bed to bring back wine and cheese and freshly slices meat. I don’t know if it’s possible, but I’ve got to try.

Anyway, regular programming will return on Monday along with my motivation and overwhelming guilt for not writing enough here.



16 Replies to “I’m Taking a Day Off”

  1. At the risk of sounding overly perky and putting a damper on your day, Happy Birthday! Hope that it is filled with hours of blissful nothingness, maybe some binge watching of your favorite show, and some great (or at least good) wine. Mine was a couple days ago and I have always thought that the beginning of August is a great time for a birthday–thank you Mom and Dad. šŸ˜›

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  2. Ok 1. It looks like we both took the same day off, cool. I didn’t take it because it’s my birthday (although my birthday’s also this month) but because I felt the need to. 2. You share a birthday with my brother-in-law – HAPPY BIRTHDAY and may your cat serve you well (I hope she has superpowers). Also, please receive my nomination as a birthday gift then – just in time šŸ™‚ And 3. Your signature is JK??

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  3. Happy birthday! I’m good at sloth when I concentrate on it enough. I hope your cat doesn’t eat the food or drink the wine before she gets to your bed.

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