Today I Learned My Cat Snores, and I Have Other News!

This post is a brief update on something I think everyone in the world absolutely needs to know regardless of who you are or what matters to you.

My cat snores.

And it’s like tiny, soft grunts.

Imagine a cloud panting really slowly. 

Or a mildly intimidating pillow.

She’s so little and pure and good that I could almost forget she has knives in her feet and likes to steal my slippers and throw them around the room.

I woke her up trying to take a picture while she was snoring. I realize now the picture never had the potential to communicate the sound of her little snoozes

This brief, low-effort post was brought to you by me getting offered a job! I’m celebrating first by taking a brief break from writing so I can smile and reconsider if, as I once believed, the world is just a cage in which we are meant to suffer and scream and stick our hands through the holes in the fence only for them to be chopped off by some cosmic zookeeper.

Regular, feature-length, garden fresh posts resume tomorrow!


18 Replies to “Today I Learned My Cat Snores, and I Have Other News!”

  1. Congratulations on being offered a job. My cat doesn’t snore. My dog does, though. And my wife claims that I, too, snore, although I’ve never heard myself snore, so she might be making that up.

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    1. Thank you! The job and the cat snoring are both very exciting, and I dearly hope she’s dreaming of being a tiger or a puma because she’s a very small cat that has, on occasion, been defeated by a bit of string dangling from a smoke detector.

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  2. Congratulations on your new job! I don’t have a cat, but I used to have a dog that moved it’s legs in a running motion while sleeping. Pretty sure she dreamt about chasing cats. But then again….how would I know what she was thinking or dreaming? 🤔

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