Liebster Award: Mild Confusion and Some Facts About Me



Sometimes I thank my teacups for a job well done. They’re quite good at what they do. In contrast, I have never bought a ‘Thank You’ card, even for people who basically carried me through college and dragged me to a career I love. I’m quite bad at striking a balance between when it’s proper to say ‘thanks’ and when it’s not really necessary, so I’m going to try to get to that middle ground by saying “Hey, thanks, Hippy Chic” because they nominated me for the Liebster Award, and they seem quite nice, even if our blogs are rather drastically dissimilar and they asked me to do this on a post about me being hungover which makes me wonder if this is the digital equivalent of someone saying “come to Jesus,” to which I would say “nah.”

The Liebster Award acts in a way similar to a old-timey chain letter in that I have to copy and paste some of it and perpetuate it by adding new things, nominating new people, and answering some questions. You can note the parts of this post that are just pasted in because they will be sandwiched between two pictures of kittens.

Who’s visually demonstrating a shift in the content purpose? You are! Yesh you are!

The Liebster Award is available from January 1 to December 31, 2018.  All nominations are voluntary. If the blogger chooses to accept said nomination, I will list the rules below.


Thank the person who nominated you, and post a link to their blog on your blog.
Display the award on your blog, by including it in your post and/or displaying it using a “widget” or “gadget.”  (Note that the best way to do this is to save the image to your computer, and then upload it to your blog post.)
Answer 11 questions about yourself which will be provided by the person who nominated you.
Provide eleven random facts about yourself.
Nominate 5-11 bloggers that you feel deserve the award, and who have less than 1000 followers.  (NOTE: you can always ask the blogger how many followers he or she has, as not all blogs display a widget that lets the readers know this information.)
Create a new list of questions for the blogger to answer.
List these rules in your post (you can copy and paste from here.) Once you have written and published the blog, you have to:
Inform the people/blogs that you have nominated for the Liebster Award and provide a link for them to your post, so that they may learn about it.

Ah, glad that’s done with.

So now I’m going to answer the questions posed to me, which might be a little awkward for everyone involved because, as I’ve mentioned many times before, nobody really needs to know me better.


  • Whom do you have in your day to day life that inspires you?
    My SO is a brilliant, passionate, kind, driven person who makes me realize I have no reason not to be a better person. Also, my cat’s punctuality in demanding food every morning well before the sun rises represents a consistency in life I one day hope to emulate. 
  • What crises has God pulled you through recently?
    I might be the wrong person for this question. I’m not a terribly spiritual person, and when I am, I tend not to focus on god or really any other religious figures. I like to think that every person is at the center of their own social and natural network, and finding how we can best be part of our human and natural communities is what keeps me happy. So, like, being nicer to squirrels and researching the merits of anarchism. 
  • List 5 healthy coping strategies you have incorporated into your life that have replaced any bad habits or addictions?
    I sleep more, drink more things that won’t pickle my liver, enjoy nature,sometimes I take long showers instead of staring into the nothingness, and I talk to people instead of internalizing everything–I’m still a roiling mass of comical frustration, but now I just chat about it. 
  • What is your all-time favorite band?
    Yeah, I’m not going to pick just one. What if you had three children, and someone asked which one was your favorite? Sure, you have an idea of who you would pick because they’re the only one that didn’t cry when you took them to a movie theater, but is that really enough to constitute a favorite? With that in mind, lately my favorites have been Wolfmother, Against Me!, and Metric. 
  • Are you happy?
    I have a partner I love and a nice apartment and adorable pets and a job I’m excited about, but I also hate my body because I’ve been socialized to think that way, hate myself because I know me better than almost anyone, and I have the claustrophobic weight of a depression so consistent that I think I’d actually miss it if it were gone. 
  • What is your favorite movie and why?
    Probably Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King because fantasy tickles my escapism bone, and I also cry like a child when Sam says “I can’t carry it for you, but I can carry you,” and then I black out from the emotional expulsion.
  • If you could dine with your hero, who would that be?
    Sir Terry Pratchett. I’d want to talk about writing and fantasy and mental health and cats. 
  • How do you give back or pay it forward?
    I’m a teacher. 
  • In what way does music impact your life?
    I listen to it and it gives me many, many feelings. Sometimes I listen to it in cramped rooms in the library, and people find me asleep on the floor with feelings on my face. 
  • What gets you excited, or willing to rise every morning?
    The prospect of going back to sleep later, and also getting work and writing done.
  • Do you consider yourself worthy of love and admiration?
    Ha! No.

And now, according to the intense and rigorously upheld rules of this particular chain-post, I have to offer up 11 facts about myself.

  1. I love green olives more than I love… most things.
  2. I’m a recent graduate who promised myself I’d never get a PhD, but now I’m second-guessing that.
  3. I’ve started close to a dozen other blogs, but this is the only one I’ve ever stuck to. I’m hoping nobody ever finds the others.
  4. I’ve been really enjoying reading about medicinal teas and herbs, and my interests are beginning to take me somewhere kind of ‘witchy.’
  5. I once set my table on fire while making candles in my old shitty apartment.
  6. I also once nearly set everything on fire because I was running around that same apartment with a can of hairspray and a lighter flamethrower-ing thousands of little bugs to an ashen grave.
  7. I love rats and have had many as pets, including an accidental pairing of a boy rat and a girl rat, which then became about 60 rats who ate their way out of their cage and into everything else in the house, including my heart.
  8. I have a secret desire to hurl a pen at people when they’re talking about something annoying. It’s a very specific pen, and ideally, it would slap them along the cheek and click victoriously as it hit the ground.
  9. I cannot stand raspberry-flavored anything.
  10. I’ve accidentally started collecting teapots because I just keep buying them. Help.
  11. I once had a habit of stealing pens from cash registers at grocery stores. Just the pens. I was a weird kid.

Alright, list number two is complete. I’m going to go look at the post nominating me because I forgot what else I’m supposed to do. My frustratingly bad short-term memory is something I could have mentioned in that list of fun facts, but I had to get the pen thing in there.

Oh, right.

I’m nominating some other bloggers for this. That’s how these work. There was a movie that came out a while ago called Contagion, and I’m reminded of it for some reason…

Anyway, here’s the five. If any of you want to do this, go for it. If you don’t, then just, like, sleep or something. Use the time wisely. To everyone else, these are all great blogs, and you should look at them and all their stuff, and then you can say “yes, that is neat stuff, as promised.” 

  1. strangegoingsonintheshed
  2. Jay’s Brainstorms
  3. I w a n n a b e a l a d y
  4. Random Short Stories
  5. Rebecca’s Classroom and Kitchen

So, if you all want to, here are the 11 questions you could answer if that’s how you want to use your time.

  1. What is a story you would be comfortable telling a stranger over the course of a 3-minute elevator ride in a hotel you have doubts about.
  2. Would you ride a horse?
  3. Would you ride a horse into battle?
  4. Would your previous answer change if you knew “Battle” was the name of a grocery store, and you would not be charged for the damages you and your steed would certainly cause?
  5. What is a song that has been stuck in your head that you would be embarrassed to be caught singing under your breath at a coffee shop?
  6. If you were left alone on a deserted island, what do you think you would use to build a friend to chat with to pass the years until an aircraft carrier rolls over your little island like a steamroller over a bag of grapes?
  7. Do you dip something in your coffee or tea? My students said I was weird for dipping a cookie in my tea, and it haunts me.
  8. If you were given unlimited funds for 12 minutes, what would you do?
  9. What book have you been meaning to read?
  10. What is something weird or arbitrary that just gets to you; do you have a weird pet peeve?
  11. If you became a ghost when you die, where do you think you’d haunt. I would be the specter of Whole Foods whispering “it’s not really gluten free” to all you passed through my domain.

Is that it? Did I get everything? I always forget how long these can take. I hope my answers were satisfactory, and I hope my questions take this in an entertaining direction.


11 Replies to “Liebster Award: Mild Confusion and Some Facts About Me”

  1. Wow! I’m flabbergasted and honoured to be nominated. The rules look complicated (well, I’ve just finished work and my brain is thinking ‘I wish I was doing something more fulfilling and I want an ice cream.’ I choose to accept the challenge and will mull over it at the weekend. 😁

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Go for the ice cream. Always the ice cream.

      Let me know if there’s anything I can explain better than the rules do. Mostly, you’ll just write a post that answers those questions, write 11 facts about yourself–or lies, nobody is gonna know–and then nominate some other people–I chose people who have cool blogs that I’d found because they comment on mine which, I think, demonstrates a profound laziness on my part–and then write 11 questions for them. All listed out like this, it sounds like a lot, but it tends to be mostly entertaining.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. First, you completely crack me up. I just snorted and laughed out loud at the same time. Second, I really appreciate the nomination, I have no idea what it means, but I will do my best to answer the questions and follow the instructions. And third, I read only a handful of blogs every chance I get, yours is one of them, so stop going to school and keep writing because the blogging world was a lot less interesting when you took a break!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh NES, have you read my blogs? We have more in common that I would have guessed!!!! I hate raspberry flavored anything, collect tea pots as well, and have, on more than one occasion-hurled inanimate objects at donkeys! Love this, and you~

    Liked by 1 person

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