I Forgot Mornings Are B******t

As with everything in my life, something has gone wrong because I slept. I remember first learning about hibernation. The little kid version of me was endlessly jealous that bears got to stuff themselves with their favorite foods and then fall asleep in a cozy cave for an entire season. The idea still appeals to me, and that is why I slept past my alarm. Instead of being a good and dutiful and on task, I slept and was completely oblivious to the eager crawl of time.

Nothing like an hourglass to get you moving so you don’t think about the interminable draining of all the time left in your life

And then, as if not getting to sleep for a whole season was punishment enough, I had to wake up. Nobody should ever wake up. Waking up is being lethargically ripped from the potential of doing anything you want with no consequences. And I woke up, and it didn’t go well either. I’ve had a pretty relaxing few weeks, and that has left me squishy and feckless, and waking up felt like someone had put a hook down my throat and was dragging me into a furnace. I don’t want the day to start.

I also didn’t plan a post ahead of time because, and this really should come as no surprise, usually I write posts while half asleep sitting on my living room floor waiting for my hair to dry and fending off attacks from a cat that thinks it deserves more food than the totally fair and decent and completely in line with how much other cats of her size eat amount she has been given.

So this is a short post because I have to go boss some college kids around, and then I might have to boss some high school kids around, and then I will home, sit on my floor, and write a proper post for tomorrow.

See you then.

– Nes

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