Sleepy Thoughts

My computer is far away, and I’m very comfortable so I’m writing this on my phone. I’m also about 75 percent asleep right now and can’t think of what to write, so I’m just going to write what’s been on my mind lately.

Also here’s a picture of my cat cuddling with my pants which seems tangentially appropriate because I am wearing them right now

I might also fall asleep and forget to post this but we’ll persevere.

Why isn’t it socially acceptable to sing along to the music they play at grocery stores. If they’ve got a real banger going, It’s a disgrace I can’t stumble through the lyrics while I look for tomatoes.

I’ve been losing weight this summer because I’m not dying for the amusement of other teachers, and not having clothes because you shrank out of them is the dumbest problem in the world. I can’t even really be mad… But I am.

I haven’t eaten a bird in months and I think the birds outside know that. They look at me with such contempt. How far do they think I’ve fallen? When will they move to attack because I fear they sense weakness.

I wish I could fit under the bed but only my cat can. I don’t know what I would do under there, but it would be fun.

Is being tired a good enough excuse to cancel dinner plans? What about a party? How much can I not do because I’m bad at sleeping like a person.

When I was a kid, an owl swooped over my head and it felt like it nearly took my scalp with it. This is why having curly hair could have killed me. I’m at risk from owls 24/7.

What happens after we die, and if I get a choice between after lives, I’ll pick the one that seems like the least effort. Like, if eternal contentment cones with having to sweep every now and then, I’m not into it.

Why is Twitter so intimidating? Is it because of the bird logo? Bird big (fell asleep writing this, but I’m not deleting it because it’s true.)

I have Fernando from Mamma Mia Here We Go Again stuck in my head. Is there a way to get all the other songs stuck in there too?

Ugh I don’t want to move. I’m going back to sleep for a few minutes and then I’ll figure stuff out.

See you all tomorrow


16 Replies to “Sleepy Thoughts”

  1. Let’s keep with the randomness in the comments too, shall we?

    1- Those pants. I love them. I love everything purple, but let me just say I love those pants.

    2- I totally walk around my local Walmart singing while I shop for my never-changing groceries. I sing in the bus too. But I’m weird, so don’t take my example on anything?

    3- I hope you’ve slept well!

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      1. 1. I feel you so much there. Though I wear a lot of orange and purple to go with the black, so I’m… Miss Halloween? lol
        2. Word. And people rarely bother the crazy lady, so double-win.
        3. Good, good, sleep is good. Keep doing it. 😀

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      2. We don’t really have a big Halloween-celebration culture here, so I guess I’ll just have to pick a random day and give people candy and see what it feels like. 😀

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      3. I’m sure my neighbors will appreciate the event of free candy in the building for no reason other than the quiet girl from 05 decided to hand them out. 😀

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      4. Chorzo was too good for this world, a beacon of hope and purity in a world with too much hair in the scrambled eggs. Would we ever really have known how bad the world was if we hadn’t seen perfection in that little ball of chicken… we can never knwo

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