Something is About to Happen

There have been few truly momentous occasions in my life. Graduating high school was pretty big because it meant I could flee my toxic little town for a more pleasant, slightly cooler small town 60 miles away. Getting accepted to my Master’s program felt huge at the time; I remember checking my email and immediately texting everyone I knew that I would be one of the only people not to leave town after graduation and would instead remain for another two years after everyone I knew had left. Learning I got my current job was probably one of the most relieving feelings I’ve had in a long, long time: suddenly years of worrying about money and if I’d have the chance to use my degree could be let go.

These have been some of the biggest moments of my short life.

Also in the running was getting internet for the first time and immediately using it to obsess over online video games

And they’re fucking puddles compared to what’s happening later today. They’re nothing, throw all those memories out because I won’t need them tomorrow. In the cosmic soup pot, all those experiences were a few spoons of extra water because I hadn’t measured the broth right, and what’s happening later today is the culmination of hours of vegetable artistry.

I won’t say any more because I’d be tempted to get cheeky and hint at what’s really going on, but look out for a post tomorrow.


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