Something Happened!

Sometimes, good things happen. Other times, you go to a little building at the top of the hill at the end of a dirt road and you make good things happen. This case was the latter.

For a long time, you’ve all had my cat Moira inflicted upon you in a similar way to how she inflicts herself upon me every morning: claws out and very cute.

But Moira has always been kind of a wildcat. She loves to play and bolt around the house. She’s also some kind of kitty savant because I’ve never seen a cat this smart with this much lucidity in their eyes. My Mo is an adorable psychopath genius.

And now she isn’t alone.

Look at this fresh, good boy

This is Alistair, also called Al, and he came home yesterday. I’ll introduce you to him in the same way I’m going to introduce him to the grad students I’m mentoring later.

It’s animated so all the parts of the pictures spin, but we can only go so far with blog technology so you’ll have to imagine it


He is a very good boy and woke me and my partner up last night because of his relentless need for cuddles and his absent social boundaries. He also only has one eye which is why we called him Alistair–like the crazy-eyed teacher from Harry Potter except spelled different and also he doesn’t look greasy and is not David Tennant in disguise. He has bonked his head only once in the dark as far as I’ve heard. 

I’m going to go pet him now because I’m weak and he’s soft and there’s a chance I won’t make it to work because he doesn’t like it when we leave and how could I inflict that on a new buddy?


12 Replies to “Something Happened!”

  1. Gorgeous boy. “and is not David Tennant in disguise” – I wouldn’t be so sure, Mr Tennant has been seen coughing fur balls to this day I hear. All the more reason to pet him mind you I’d say. Lovely seeing animals finding their real home, enjoy each other. x

    – Esme upon the Cloud

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  2. I’m not sure if he’s David Tennant, but are you sure he’s an actual cat and not some wizard posing as one? I’d try to make sure, just for my peace of mind. Maybe getting a hold of the Marauder’s Map? (I’m sorry, I’ll go to my cupboard under the stairs now)

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    1. Have recently confirmed he is either a cat or maybe some kind of housefly. He is…. not bright. Probably going to write about it later, but he has been trying to play with our other cat, who is constantly growling and hissing at him, and he tries to jump on her

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      1. Well, then. I guess he’d have to be kind of smart to be a wizard, and if Veritasserum has been used, I guess you’re safe. 🙂

        P.S.: Dumb animals are the best animals.

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