Really Not Doing Well with Mornings

My name is Nes, and I have spent my entire adult life burdened with the knowledge that I am not and will never be a morning person. I don’t like waking up early. I think it’s a bit alarming to see the sun come up. The gentle trill of waking birds is pleasant, but once you realize they’re trying to scream seduction at each other, some of the magic bleeds away.

“Caw! Someone cuddle me before I die. Caw!”

I’ve been writing in the early, early morning for a few months now because it’s one of the only consistent times I’ve been free. However, for two weeks, I’ve been back at work training new grad students to be teachers because apparently telling a bunch of adults not to date their 18-year-old students is something that merits prolonged discussion.

Between training, writing, getting my own courses prepped, and just trying to be a person, I’m kind of overwhelmed. I don’t think I’m writing as well as I could, and I’m too tired and socially drained by 6 hours in a room with 40 people to actually do the social things I like–talking to people on here, deep conversations with my plastic giraffe Rory.
So I’m taking a week off while I get my shit in order.

Getting ducks in a row is a more pleasant image, but “shit” is more appropriate to the work I’ll be doign

When I come back, I may not post every day anymore because, and this is a really important thing for me to acknowledge, I absolutely am not interesting enough to talk about myself every day. I don’t have that much to say, so it’ll probably be a 4 days a week situation after this little hiatus.
I’m going to miss it here, but it’s only a week, and when I come back, I promise I’ll be reinvigorated with a fresh life, full of complaints and impotent rage and unremitting disdain for those people who walk really, really fucking slowly with their giant shopping carts.
See you all soon!


8 Replies to “Really Not Doing Well with Mornings”

  1. I’m a little late to the party here, but how come we don’t have a picture of Rory? This is what I live for. 😀

    Also, take good care of yourself, we all want you to be well, and we can all wait.

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