Contact Me

Here’s a contact form if talking to me is something you feel compelled to do.

Important note from the author:

This may be a contact form, but you are under no obligation to use it.


I know the title of the page says “Contact Me,” but that’s not a command.

You can be your own person.

You don’t have to contact me.

You don’t have to do anything.

You could go out in a field.

Or to a movie.

You could fight a stranger at a bus stop.

You’ve got endless options.

So unless you absolutely, desperately want to, there’s no reason to contact me.

And I’m very unpleasant.

Sometimes, I don’t even respond to texts from my family.

Once, I responded to a spam email before replying to a friend.

And they were in the hospital.

I felt nothing.

So unless you can give yourself an adequate reason for deliberately seeking out a strange and unreliable curmudgeonly internet-person, then you’d be completely reasonable in navigating away from this page.

I suggest going here instead.

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