3 Reasons Violence is Funny and What it Says About You

If you see someone on the street being beaten in the face with a hammer, it is probable you will not laugh. Unless you are just the worst person, not even a giggle will escape your lips because the action is too close to you, and by close I mean the action is real. The situation is not the same when the street fighters are in a movie or a tv show because the medium provides the distance that lets you laugh at violence, that makes it obviously false. Over the course of their careers, The Three Stooges have done to each other more violence than your average rioting soccer fan-base in post-game celebration/outraged-chaos, but when The Stooges do it, it’s funny. Here are three reasons you enjoy three grown men abusing each other.

I Thought I Discovered a Cult, but it was Actually People Playing Pokemon Go

If you only go on a journey for the destination, then everything you’ll get from this story is in the title. If you’re out for adventure, then come along for I have a story. It was a dull silver night, and I was being beautiful around my apartment when adventure called. I said to adventure …